Dual Colour concrete design

Why choose concrete?

We are specialists in imprinted concrete, allowing you to benefit from a revolutionary installation procedure for a concrete patio or driveway. In this way, you can enjoy a patio or driveway that, though made of concrete, replicates the look of other materials like stone, slate and timber.

For this reason, imprinted concrete is often otherwise known as patterned concrete. We can install concrete patios and driveways that, aesthetically, emulate block pieces, cobbles, brickwork, tiles or decking, to list just a few of the style options available.

Coloured Concrete

What does the installation process involves?

It all starts with us pouring a layer of concrete onto a suitable sub-base before applying a colour and colour hardener. We achieve the desired pattern or texture by applying a patterned mat to the wet concrete. As it dries, the distinct visual effect will take solid shape.

We can install imprinted concrete driveways and patios especially efficiently, as the innovative technique enables us to cover larger areas more quickly than would often be the case with alternative driveway and patio solutions.

Water Beads on well sealed concrete

Advantages of choosing imprinted concrete

We offer imprinted concrete solutions in various colours, including black, brown, red, green and blue, as well as a range of patterns and textures. They include those of Ashlar stone, random stone, London cobbles, brickwork, tiles, decking, seamless stone and textured slate.

Furthermore, it is relatively difficult for weeds or moss to emerge amid the stone of patterned driveways. Consequently, you can potentially save yourself needing to set aside a lot of time for weed-killing.

Pattern imprinted concrete sealer is used to maintain the look and protect the colour of a decorative concrete paving surface. Whether its a small or large driveway area ‘resealing’ the surface is an important maintenance practice that needs refreshing every 2-3 years